West Coast RV Trip Ideas

The Best Destinations For Your RV Trip Along The West Coast

When thinking about the West Coast in the US, it is often referred to as the top most traveled areas. A few of the more popular states when it comes to road travel include California, Oregon, and Washington. Below is a list of the major cities and states that you should be building your RV trip around:

• San Francisco

• Seattle

• California

• Washington

• Los Angeles

• Portland, Oregon

• San Diego

Drive Down The Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway happens to one of the more epochal American routes. In addition to its beauty, this is the type of road that you can travel along throughout the year. This route is often known as Highway 1, the route goes past the Pacific shores and takes you past places such as Santa Barbara, Malibu, San Francisco and Big Sur National Park. Here are a few recommendations or ideas on the places that may be of interest to you:

1. Seattle

If you plan to stop in Seattle, you should consider spending time at Pike Place Market. Here you can buy fresh produce and fish, some popular cafes and restaurants, vintage clothing, and ethnic groceries. Seattle has a variety of museums, parks and historical sites to think about. If you have a few days to stop in Seattle, you may want to consider a ride on a seaplane for an exceptional view from the sky over this outstanding city or a boat trip that can be found at the Blake Island Marine State Park.

2. Morro Rock and Morro Bay

This laid-back and quaint town is hidden safely in a harbor. Here you can view a rock that was produced from a very old volcano.

3. Santa Cruz

This ocean-side city that features a traditional amusement park near the beach is where you can find a host of local art works. You can also elect to take a walk through the lively and buzzing downtown area.

4. Harmony

If you are searching for an area to stop and stretch your legs, Harmony is a charming place that features a pottery and winery shop.

5. Oregon

When you visit Oregon, you are offered with a unique experience of enjoying natural surroundings while still having easy access to the cosmopolitan way of life. If you choose the right time of the year for your RV trip, you are offered with a safe and convenient way to park your RV while you take part in a skiing adventure on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor. You can also take advantage of attending a play if you are there during the Oregon Shakespeare festival or pay a visit to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Other popular spots in Oregon include a walk-through Nob Hill and Portland’s Pearl District where you can find some chic shops, gourmet restaurants, artists’ lofts and outstanding galleries.

6. Hearst Castle

The Hearst Castle, built by Randolph Hearst features 165 rooms situated on a 127-acre estate. On the estate are three large guest homes, pools and terraces, making it one of the ideal stops on your trip to get something to eat, view the Italian and Spanish antiques or just to take a restroom break.

7. San Francisco

There a variety or travelers that like to think of San Francisco as the very apex of their trip. This city has so much on offer that you may need to dedicate at least three days when it comes to exploring this fantastic place. Some of the places you may want to add to your list include walking across the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying the world-renowned clam chowder from the fisherman’s wharf, the double-decker bus drive and cable-car ride down the Crooked Road. You may also want to add to your list a trip to the Aquarium of the Bay and to see the Painted Ladies.

8. Big Sur

Big Sur is the destination that many Californians are known for taking the time to enjoy the variety of events, dining, and beaches. Other places of interest include one of the horseback tours in the Andrew Molera State Park, a beach bonfire event in Carmel or a planned tour to the Pfeiffer lighthouse.

Important Advice For Your Next RV Trip Along The West Coast

The West Cost has endless opportunities to take advantage of. However, it is impossible to enjoy every destination in a single trip. To ensure you make the very most of your vacation of a trip here are a few tips to keep in mind:

• Avoid trying to cram in seeing too many attractions into one trip. Rather choose your favorites and take the time so that you can enjoy each stop.

• Make sure you have decided beforehand where you will stop to park at each destination. Only choose the full-service stops. These stops are mainly better lit, far safer and are less likely to be a spot for criminal activities.

• Make sure you always know where your next location will be. You may be required to direct some-one accurately if you happen to break down along the way.

• Your RV should feature a carbon-monoxide detector as well as a reliable smoke alarm. Make sure you know about the precautions you need to take in regards to carbon monoxide presence inside your RV.

• Always make sure you have turned off your generator before you go to sleep at night.

• Check on the vehicle paneling as well as under the RV for any leaks or signs of damage. You should also be checking on the transmission fluid, oil, gas, and your wiper fluid.

• Make sure you feel comfortable driving the vehicle and that you are accustomed to the way the vehicle turns and stops. You should also know how to park your RV, how to take corners and how to reverse.

• Make sure you know about the different weather conditions you can expect each day.

You should also find out about the different RV parks scattered along the Pacific Coast Highway. There are remarkable National and State Parks that are affordable and can be found in popular and scenic spots such as Big Sur.

If your voyage plans include a trip to Big Sur, the next destination that is worth stopping or staying at will include Yosemite National Park. From here it is easy to travel to San Francisco if you travel plans are from the South. If you are traveling from the North, you can reverse this itinerary. It is also good to know that there are a variety of cities and towns based in California that is not designed to handle the large RVs on various roads.

Many people often have a belief system that the areas that they come from are the “very best” place that the US has to offer. While the titles of what the “best” places in the country will always be debated, there is just about no argument that the West Coast is still one of the best places to take an RV vacation. This is because there are countless sights to enjoy, from California to Washington and even inland onto Nevada, Idaho, Arizona, Utah and much more. If you are a lover of the open-road and outstanding natural beauty, then going west is your best choice for an RV trip on your own or with family and friends.

Preparing For Your West Coast RV Adventure

One of the first arrangements you will need to make for your RV trip is to plan where you would like to go. Some places you can view will be dependent on how many days you have available for the trip. To ensure your RV trip along the West Coast is successful here are a few tips to consider.

1. Decide On The Places That You Would Like To Visit

Once you have decided on how many days this trip will include, you can then start to think about the attractions or places that you would like to see. Once you have decided on the destinations and dates, you have the first part of the travel itinerary covered.

2. Make Use Of Navigational Tools

Make sure you have a reliable GPS system, where you can easily put in all your destinations once the route has been set.

3. Drafting Your Travel Plan

Invest in a map that includes the areas you will be traveling to and mark the spots you plan to stop at. You can go online or browse through an RV travel guide to find the best campgrounds and tourist spots in each of the vicinities you plan to stop at.

• When traveling with children, a large map is regarded as a great visual aid so that the are offered with an overall concept of the trip.

• If you have older children or teenagers, ask them to research the destinations you plan to travel to, which will make the experience a lot more meaningful for the whole family.

4. Planning What To Pack

If this happens to be your very first RV trip, you may be tempted to bring along just about everything in your house. This is why it is important to plan what you need. If you have an idea of what the weather will be like before the trip, you can plan on the type of clothes that you will need. You may also want to make a plan on what type of food items will be suitable for the trip.

5. Pack A First-Aid Kit

An RV First-Aid kit is essential. The kit should be easy to access and should contain the following:

• Scissors

• Bandages

• Ointment

• Anti-allergy medication

• Flashlight

• Batteries

• An extra cell-phone with a fully-charged battery

• Candles

6. Plan Fun Activities To Avoid Arguments Or Boredom

Living in a confined space for days or even weeks on end can become stressful or incredibly boring. Most people like to think that a vacation is associated with a fun and relaxing time to spend with our loved ones. However, in reality, an RV trip can result in children and the adults becoming edgy and bored when they are forced to stay in a cramped space for many hours on end. To ensure your RV trip runs smoothly you should seriously consider bringing along board games, magazines, books, kids activity books, and DVDs. It is also very important to stop every few hours so that everyone can get out and walk around.

7. Set A Realistic Time Frame For Your RV Trip

When planning your schedule make sure you have set aside enough time to stop, especially when your guests need a break or when the driver is tired. Follow the time estimates conservatively when it comes to getting from point A to point B. In this way, you won’t feel under pressure to continue driving just to keep up with an unrealistic time frame. Keep in mind that an RV trip along the West Coast should be the time that you can decompress and have fun with your relatives. The trip should not be based on meeting deadlines to see as many places as you can. In most cases, as your trip unfolds, you might find that it becomes impossible to keep everything the way that you had originally planned.

8. Avoid Limiting Yourself

If you happen to meet other people along the way that give you suggestions on other adventures along the way such as a ghost town or a haunted hotel, avoid becoming rigid about the itinerary that you planned. Those on the whim and unexpected side trips may result in the best vacation you have ever had.